Farms, Land & Homes for Sale in Cochise County

There are ranches, farms, and undeveloped lots for sale in Cochise County and many other places in Arizona. If you are interested in buying a farm, ranch land, or other large lot, you can find some great deals if you keep your eye on the listings and are ready to buy, or just window shop and get a feel for the prices and locations. Below are some good land sites for farm and ranch listings. Cochise County farms for sale Listings

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  • Michael Morrison

    Prices ought to be going down, because the area population is declining. So anyone looking to buy or rent should be aware of that and try to bargain with the renting or selling party.
    But Cochise County is a great place to live, and I hope LOTS of people do move here.

  • John

    I’m not sure how to start a separate thread, so forgive me for going off-topic. For what it’s worth I feel like I’m in your target demographic – a libertarian not in the area who finds the idea of FSP attractive but the cold is a deal-breaker. I have a couple broad questions:

    1) What criteria was used to select Cochise County as the home of FSW? That is, what are the selling points for a general Libertarian audience? I know the FSP had a list of something like 100 criteria, and that for FSW a couple points were added about climate and distance from NH. But what are the advantages to libertarians not already in AZ to this area as opposed to say somewhere in NV? I pick on NV just because it’s also in the southwest (at least to my non-southwest mindset it’s in the same general region) and has an active LP.

    2) What sorts of plans are there once momentum builds? Or alternatively is there anything already going on? For example, the FSP has PorcFest as a major source of outreach – many movers made up their minds while in attendance. Do you plan on a Cactus Freedom Festival (just thinking cactus as kind of like a desert porcupine, but less willing to move)? One of the things I find attractive about FSP is the creative stuff they’ve done with charities… any thoughts on that front?

  • fsw

    John, you again have my apologies for being so disgustingly long in replying. Honest, we are very grateful to you for logging on and asking. My only excuse is I didn’t realize the site was yet open to the public, then my computer developed Internet-connecting problems.
    First, how did we pick Cochise? It was pure serendipity.
    We HAD picked Arizona, the whole state. But a whole state is a nearly impossible goal, even a low-population state such as Wyoming. Or New Hampshire. I, Michael Morrison, was invited here to Cochise, so I decided to make it our first target.
    This county is a beautiful, high-desert area, with several small cities and towns of fewer than 128,000 total people, but with some fascinating history as well as scenery.
    Of that fewer than 128,000 there are about 600 registered Libertarians, plus several libertarians I know who are not Libertarians, indicating an interest in freedom.
    Unfortunately Arizona, like every other state these days, has forgotten its tradition of liberty, with especially the politicians but even the people wanting more and more government and, thus, less and less freedom. (Nevada is indeed in the same Southwest, it being the next state north and, in fact, bordering Arizona.)
    Since there is yet no other momentum than our Facebook page (with several hundred likes), we have no event or activity plans, awaiting at least a few more people to come here specifically for Free State West, but your suggestions are great ones, are excellent (especially the Cactus Freedom Festival), including some points I had not yet considered. And I do thank you for all of them.
    It might be that for now we can attract only retirees, people who are free to move here and who would have the time as well as interest in helping build the movement.
    What I hope for also are people who will bring a business here, whether an actual store or industry or service business (such as home- or office-cleaning) or an Internet company. I am a free-lance editor and, of course, can be anywhere with an Internet connection. (God Bless Algore for inventing it!) With phone lines and faxes, almost ANY business, such as stocks or bonds or sales, can operate away from big cities these days. (Tucson is about 60 miles from where I sit.)
    Cochise County has plenty of wind and sun, and could be great for anyone interested in, for example, alternative energies.
    Someone could set up a local delivery business to, for example, deliver groceries to people unable or unwilling to drive to the nearest grocery stores or restaurants.
    Lyft or Uber drivers might find a gold mine.
    I think the potential here is unlimited. An ambitious entrepreneur could, for example, open a retirement home or community, and help bring to this high desert some poor Yankees who are sick of being cold, or city slickers who have my love for the West. (Cowboy movie star Rex Allen had his home just a few miles from here in Willcox, and cowboy poet Baxter Black lives a different few miles from right here, and the famous OK Corral is practically within walking distance, about 23 miles from where I sit. Many a movie or TV show was set in Tombstone.)
    John, YOU are just exactly the kind of person we need, someone who loves liberty and has ideas to help encourage others to support it. If you will send me your e-mail address, which will NOT get published, I would like to be and stay in contact with you. (If you are on Facebook, you might want to write me there.)
    Thank you very much for your interest, and, much more important, your support for freedom.
    Michael Morrison

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